Down down, you bring me down… indeed, I have my 80s Madchester phase again, listening to Happy Mondays and Stone Roses day and night – wonderful!

Some selfmade stuff that I wore today… knitted this shorty short crop tee some weeks ago, it’s really cool and perfect when worn over a plain black top. Together with my selfmade lace ruffle skirt, it’s the perfect outfit for an artsy concert where everybody looks kinda extravagant (a.k.a. The GOASTT concert with Sean Lennon, haha)

The top is really special, it’s not only knitted with different yarn, silver, white and black, it’s also sequined at the front shoulders and has little pearl details on the neckline. It’s so adorable, don’t you think? :) As to who might wonder, the knitted top and the skirt are up for sale NOW in my [SHOP], so hop over!!!

Had the most gorgeous piece of grilled steak today! Ultra juicy and soft and spicy, hah! Too bad it started raining just when we had set up the grill, though… weather can be such a bitch!

Hope to finish the first complete draft of my BA this weekend, bear with me!!!

(Ugh, I hate rain in my hair!!!!)


[Knitted crop-top: selfmade, lace ruffle layered skirt: selfmade, shoes: Vagabond]