Today, I want to talk about loss and hope.
The questions that started swirling around in my head after today’s news (I don’t want your sympathies, so I’m only going to say something happened in my family) all circled around the same topic:

What are the truly important things in life?

After all, I’m a fashion blogger. I belong to one of the most materialistic species on this planet and it’s true – I do treasure beautiful things… A LOT! My heart goes BOOM when I discover a wonderful new designer bag and running around swearing that I won’t lead a happy life anymore until I can call this bag my own is nothing I’m ashamed of.

Yet, when it comes down to it, what on earth are these things in comparison to the ONE thing that ACTUALLY makes life worthwhile: Loving and being loved by other people?

Just imagine yourself alone in a locked up room full of things, most of them with questionable usability. How would that feel like? I suppose I’d feel miserable after a very short time.
You can only look at yourself wearing that perfect handbag so many times. And all the clothes that I continue to have less and less affection for couldn’t EVER fulfill my life in the way the people that I care about do.

And what if a fire suddenly burned all these things? We’d be lucky to have survived and the first thing we’d think about would be exactly that. We wouldn’t care about 100 pairs of burnt shoes if our cat had survived!

Did you ever lose someone you really loved? If you did, you know it’s the most horrible thing in the world – even if it was only your pet hamster. In that moment, we feel as if the ground beneath us was breaking away and left us hanging in thin air without anything to hold on to.
In that moment, other people, family and friends will be there for us. People who know us and care about us and truly want to makes us feel a little better again. Only people can give us hope again.

Yes. People. It’s unsettling how many times I’ve lately been confronted with people that feel alone, lonely and unloved. Abandoned by love even. Sad people that feel their lives slipping away due to the lack of love. And I feel helpless all the time.

In fact, I can count myself to the few lucky people that can honestly say to having grown up in a a perfect, loving and caring family as well as knowing a wonderful, loving boyfriend with a huge heart and a beautiful soul by my side for many years now. It’s true, I don’t have a lot of friends, but the ones I have are exactly of the kind that I need and they will stay by my side for as long as we live.

However, I’ve become more and more aware of the fact that not many people are as privileged as I am. And I wish I could help and give back some of the love that has been given to me. But I can’t tear myself into a hundred pieces in order to make everyone feel better. And I’m not even sure it would work.

People that call themselves such “good persons” are often very vain and simply want to show off. And there are others, true saints who truly care but unfortunately lose themselves in the process of only giving, giving and giving but never getting back as much as they’re offering. And too many times, it destroys them.

To conclude this excursion into my thoughts, I can only hope that everyone who feels sad, lost and hopeless right now does find a way out and finds people that care about them, truly love them from their hearts and make them feel stronger again.

After all, other people is all we really have. So let’s cherish our beloved ones and never forget: we’d be nothing much without them. Even us fashion bloggers.

(This post is only available in English, sorry!)