New Year’s Resolutions – Do We Need Them?

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Why do I always have to make everything better on January 1st??

My sweeties, the new year is already 5 days old today. 5 days of 366 in which we want to make so many things better – like all the years before. I see those New Year’s resolution articles everywhere and I wonder: do we really need all those resolutions? Every year anew?

I’m not so sure why that is necessary. Why do we need a specific date to become a better person? Either that date or a really bad event in our lives that forces us to change…

And I’m no better, of course not. I don’t go to the doctor before I feel really terrible and I only remember that sunscreen exists after my first sunburn of the year. I could name several other examples, but I guess you get the point.

Anyway, I for my part, don’t do true New Year’s resolutions anymore. Haven’t done for many years and actually, I don’t see the point. Life always gets in the way to actually go through with them, so I rather listen to all those events and moments in my life that bring about change in myself… and that happened a lot during the last year:

♥ I visited my grandma during the holidays as I hadn’t seen her in a too long time.

♥ I did two juice-cleanses last year which did my skin so well.

♥ I learned to be more attentive towards the people I love.

♥ My boyfriend taught me that it is so important to be more open and friendly towards strangers as often as possible.

♥ I sold clothes and gave the money to a refugees help organisation.

♥ I only used high quality cosmetics and care products last year.

♥ I kept working on this blog and instagram, always tried to be better, came up with a new design, celebrated incredible 7 years CATS & DOGS, created two amazing videos with Max and also tried to create even more interesting content for you guys.

And so much more…

But none of that was part of my New Year’s resolutions on January 1st, 2015. It just happend as the year proceeded. Little moments and many people changed the way of my thinking and acting.

Of course, everyone can write down their own resolutions and try to stick to them, no question. But for myself, I believe I’d rather stay open to all the things that happen in my life and through them, try to make the best for myself, try to become a better person, a more successful blogger and much more. I think that’s the one and only New Year’s resolution I need for myself.


And what about you? Do you make New Year’s resolutions? And what do you think of my opinion? Let me know, sweeties… :)



1 Comment

1 Comment on New Year’s Resolutions – Do We Need Them?

  1. Sue
    Tuesday January 5th, 2016 at 11:23 AM (5 years ago)

    Brauchen wird man Vorsätze sicher nicht, denn ich kenne niemanden, der ernsthaft Vorsätze hat und diese dann auch tatsächlich eingehält. Früher war ich regelrecht allergisch auf das Wort Vorsatz im Zusammenhang mit Silvester, aber inzwischen sehe ich das recht locker. Wer sich unbedingt etwas auf die Fahnen schreiben und dann doch nicht machen will, bitte. Was ich aber gut finde: wenn man rekapituliert, was im letzten Jahr gut oder schlecht gelaufen ist und wie man daraus lernen kann (so wie deine Liste im Prinzip). Denn mal in sich gehen und eine innere kleine Liste machen ist nicht schwer.

    Was ich weiterhin nicht gut finde, sind so pauschale Sachen wie “ich will abnehmen/mehr Sport machen/öfter ausgehen” usw. Das ist meines Erachtens viel zu pauschal und bringt schon deshalb nix, außer man ist ein wirklich äußerst motivierter und disziplinierter Mensch.

    Liebe Grüße!