Today I want to show you some things that quite recently have come into my possession. I love these little item posts somehow. Firstly, because I really enjoy photographing accessories and little things, putting them into a nice light and all that. Secondly, because it gives me a decent overview of all the things I’ve acquired recently so that I won’t buy too much of the same kind in the near future, haha. You gotta draw the line somewhere, right?
I hope you’ll like these pretty things and the pictures and see you again soon with a new outfit featuring some of these things as well!

Heute möchte ich euch mal wieder ein paar Dinge zeigen, die in letzter Zeit in meinen Besitz gewandert sind. Ich mag diese kleinen Posts irgendwie. Erstmal, weil ich wirklich gerne Accessoires und kleine Dinge fotografiere, sie ins rechte Licht rücke und all das. Außerdem ist das auch gut für mich, weil ich dann einen Überblick darüber behalte, was ich mir alles so zugelegt habe. Man muss ja irgendwo auch die Grenze ziehen, nicht wahr?
Ich hoffe, euch gefallen die hübschen Teile und die Fotos. Wir sehen uns ganz bald wieder mit einem Outfit-Post, in dem auch einige dieser Dinge vorkommen werden!

Topshop velvet cowboy boots that I fell in love with in London and consequently needed to buy. They are perfect, aren’t they? They’ll be my parents’ Christmas present for me, I’m so happy about that!

The perfect little cross body bag for autumn and winter by Hibourama! It is burgundy and the leather looks like croc! So cool, I am wearing this bag all the time now! Want one for yourself now?

The Hobbit movie will be out soon, so how could I survive without my Barad-dûr-ring from Romwe? It really looks like the fortress of Sauron, don’t you think? Haha! And the cross ring from H&M isn’t so bad, either.

My first ever banana-heel shoes ever – from Jeffrey Campbell! I found them at the sales at Office Shoes and simply couldn’t resist. The studding is perfect and the horsetail fringes are funny, too.

A very nice Art Deco-inspired necklace I bought at Primark in London for about 3 Euros. I am already seeing me wearing this with a million outfits – love!

Some pink lipgloss I received from Yves Saint Laurent the other day! It looks amazing over ruby red lipstick, you should definitely try!

Azur-blue nail polish and eye-shadow also from Yves Saint Laurent! Wonderful and perfect for an icy winter make-up.

And basically, all the make-up from YSL: foundation, nail polish, lipgloss, eyeshadow and mascara. Thank you so much Yves Saint Laurent and Ykone!!!