I love playing with light, when it shines through delicat fabric, reflects on the leaves, on my hair… summer is so much more fun for taking pictures.

On saturday we’ll finally move things to the new flat – more than 350 km away from the old one – crazy! But I can’t wait to decorate it all anew and present the final result on here!
Only sad thing is that I won’t be able to take pictures with my sister anymore, meaning that I’ll have to find a fun to work with photographer in Berlin soon enough. Perhaps I can train by man to do the job as well, we’ll see…
Anyway, I hope the new pictures will still turn out as beautiful as the ones my sister used to take. For me, it’s not only about the clothes, really. It’s about the idea, the accomplishment and the final result of a concept in each series. The surroundings for me are just as important as the shoes, as my hair, as the shades and light spots on the grass…

Germany lost the match against Spain… too bad, I SO wanted our boys to win. But well, Spain was clearly better and I’m looking forward to sunday’s final match!

[Topshop heels, Miss Selfridge dress, vintage jewelry and bag]