Last night, designer Michael Michalsky had his second so-called “StyleNite” of 2012 taking place at Berlin Tempodrom. Famous for the mix of music, fashion show and party, Michalsky’s events are always one of the highlights during Berlin Fashion Week, even though he usually splits the fashion world in people who love and people who probably hate him. I’ll let everyone decide for themselves and take another free drink! Cheers!

Talking about the actual show, I can say that I really loved the two music acts this time, even though this is of course always a question of personal taste. A violin quartet played some lovely tunes during the presentation of Michalsky’s men’s spring/summer 2013 collection presentation. The second music act called Blitzkids was really fun, especially the weird background dancers caught my eye. Afterwards, the women’s spring/summer 2013 collection was being presented on the runway, decorated with two huge skulls made of hundreds of actual flowers! I really liked that look, although I am wondering what was the meaning in these skulls. It didn’t quite have a lot to do with the show, so I was a little confused.

About the men’s collection, I can only say that I was not completely convinced by the sportiness of the outfits. Of course, this is Michalsky who used to be head designer of Adidas in the past, but personally, I just prefer confusing, constructed and weird cuts or really well tailored suits in men’s fashion. I also thought that the sandy/black and orange was merely okay. It could’ve been more interesting for my taste. The sneakers were kind of nice, tough.

The women’s collection was more after my own taste. I loved the glitter in mint and gold, the floaty fabrics and the faint floral prints. Wide skirts and narrow trousers were also quite convincing, just as well as a big amount of 60s cuts. I would have worn at least 80% of that collection, it was that nice!

By the way, there has been a lot of press about the pregnant model who was sent on the runway last night, already. I didn’t really mind, but I didn’t find it very convincing, either. My boyfriend reminded me that this had already been done in the movie “Prèt-A-Porter” before, so it wasn’t even very innovative. Let’s just say, I’d rather have the collection speak for itself.

(Sorry, no German translation this time, but I’m sure you can all cope with the English, yeah?)


All pictures were taken by myself, please don’t use without my permission.