Mantra Monday – My Body Is A Temple

Today, I’m launching a new category on the blog that I’d like to call #MatraMonday. Quite suitably, I’m launching this category on a Tuesday which explains my personality pretty well, haha. Wit about 57k posts on Instagram, this hashtag isn’t all that big but this is just an even better reason to share my weekly mantras on this blog AND on Instagram. If they inspire you as well, feel free to share them on your own accounts. Simply add our Instagram handle @catsanddogsblog in the caption, it will make it easier for me to see who also loves mantras as much as I do.

“Your body is a temple. Treat it accordingly.

I love this mantra as it keeps resining me that I only have this one body. It is the house of my soul and that is why I want to treat it as such. How I am doing that? With good, vegan, homemade biological food, with lots of sun and fresh air, with yoga and meditation, by staying close to nature and animals, with cuddling and listening to music. With the things that are good for my body, I’m also doing good for my soul and in this circle, I am becoming a happier person.

Do you meditate? And if so, do you like to use mantras? I can’t wait for your comments!

Photography: Max Bechmann



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1 Comment on Mantra Monday – My Body Is A Temple

  1. Jana
    Monday December 17th, 2018 at 08:24 AM (2 years ago)

    Super Mantra und fantastische Fotos!

    Liebe Grüße, Jana