Mantra Monday – I Move At My Own Pace

Tomorrow, we’re off again, always on the move. After Nice, where it was sunny and warm and the blue sea did its magic on us, we are now traveling to the Swiss Alps. A week of snowy mountains, the biggest contrast you could ever get to the ocean but this kind of variation really makes it most exciting for us.

And even though we love travelling so much, it is so important to take breaks between our trips, too. We are taking these breaks at home in order for our souls to catch up with our bodies and so we can really let all the pictures, all the moments sink in. Our home in Dusseldorf is so beautiful and our city so lovely and we really enjoy staying here between our trips. I think it’s all in the mix between travelling and staying at home and in this way, we are never missing either of the two. We feel centered and yet free and wild like an eagle that is flying over this very earth and while looking down, choosing a nice new spot here and there which seems worth exploring.

I think the reason why we are able to live this kind of life today is much about endurance and patience, but of course, a little bit of luck is always involved, too. I guess we took the right turn here and there, talked to the right people, met each other… and living the motto: “all in good time” makes us feel relaxed on the inside. And we believe that is how it should be and we will keep on doing this job until one day, we feel we did enough travelling and decide to sit back in our rocking chairs in front of our house in the South of France and look back at all the things we did and saw. What a lovely thought, right?

Photography: Max Bechmann




2 Comments on Mantra Monday – I Move At My Own Pace

  1. Celyn
    Monday February 25th, 2019 at 07:23 AM (2 years ago)

    OH wow these photos of the snowy mountains are beautiful!

    Nofilter Travel

  2. Monika
    Wednesday March 6th, 2019 at 04:25 PM (2 years ago)

    So so wahre Worte, Ricarda :-)