Mantra Monday – I have more faith than fear

At the Côte d’Azur, spring started for us this year and by now, it has already arrived in Germany, too. Nice was the perfect beginning for us, though: mild temperatures, blazing sunlight, green trees, walks by the Azur Mediterranean Sea, walking barefoot on the rocky beach, hand in hand… these moments, when everything is just so right, we should try to feel as deeply as possible and let them float into our hearts where we should manifest these moments so we may get them out again, later, in dark hours, when everything seems hopeless. This may help to overcome fear and gain new faith in ourselves, in our actions and decisions in life.

Faith vs. fear

Do you consider yourself rather the optimist or the pessimist? Is your glass usually half full or half empty? Do you have faith in your future or do you fear it because it is too uncertain? We all should know this: sometimes, you really don’t want to think about what might happen in 10 years time. Some people do have clear plans for their future, some are rather afraid of what is yet to come. Some people always make the first step, some always stand back in safe distance. Both ways are, of course, perfectly fine, but if fear overcomes and gives you aching in your body, you should consider doing something about it. Extensive fear can, after all, be very harmful for your mind, your body and your soul.

To lessen these fears and to even overcome them, I like to repeat the following mantra to myself: “I have more faith than fear”. It means it is okay to have fears, but we won’t let them overcome as our faith is always stronger. This mantra helps to discover the strengths that everybody holds within themselves and to help them grow beyond our fears. It is important, though, to go easy on ourselves doing these steps. Try to overcome a small fear first and then the next bigger fear. Slowly, our faith will grow as we discover all the things we are capable of. It will be a development, which will, at some point, change our whole way of thinking and heal our body, mind and soul… I think it is definitely worth a try.

Photography: Max Bechmann



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1 Comment on Mantra Monday – I have more faith than fear

  1. Jule
    Thursday February 21st, 2019 at 01:57 PM (2 years ago)

    Ein wirklich schöner Beitrag und ganz tolle Bilder!