Mantra Monday – I Am Well, Whole and Strong

When you are wandering through the mountains, it is easy to forget in what kind of world we are actually living or in what time we are finding ourselves. Because up here, there is – apart from the slopes – almost nothing but silence. A wonderful, true and deep silence that you can hardly find anywhere in this world nowadays. The air up here is calm, the untouched snow up here is calm and the trees up here are calm. Even animals can hardly be heard or seen this high up and so you are wandering, calm inside, towards the setting sun and easily start to rediscover your inner self again.

Sadly, in our everyday-lives, there is far too little true silence. Sounds are everywhere, even noise. Our head has to deal with noise from morning until evening, listening to information, music, traffic noise, conversations… and hardly anyone knows true silence anymore. That is why the quiet in the mountains is so meditative and calming. Without all those endless everyday-life noises, you finally have the chance to listen to your inner voice again and listen to her. Up here in the mountains, you have the chance to become well, whole and strong again. Once you’ve left behind the noise of the city…

Have you ever noticed this incredible calm in the mountains? How did it make you feel?

Photography: Max Bechmann



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1 Comment on Mantra Monday – I Am Well, Whole and Strong

  1. Monika
    Wednesday March 6th, 2019 at 04:25 PM (2 years ago)

    Diese Lichtstimmung ist ein wahrer Traum. Die Bilder möchte man sich aufhängen :-)

    Liebe Grüße,