Mantra Monday – I am grateful

For today’s #MantraMonday, I have brought along an exercise I am practicing on a daily basis these days. It’s all about that big big topic of gratefulness which, even if practiced on a small scale, can man a huge difference in each and every one of us.

Gratefulness makes us stronger, calmer and happier – at least that’s what I have experienced. But very often, we tend to overlook these small things that we should be grateful for. And thus, it often happens that at the end of the day, we tell ourselves: “Ugh, what a shitty day that was. Nothing good came from it. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better again.” Who else knows these kinds of thoughts? I, for my part, knew them soo well as my whole mind was set on seeing the negative a while ago. But at some point, I decided that I needed to change something in my mindset and that is when I started practicing gratefulness.

Gratefulness as a daily ritual in your every day life.

Nowadays, I tend to take a moment after Savasana, the final relaxation practice in Yoga, to picture something in my mind that I can be grateful for on that day or I do the same practice at the end of the day when I’m already lying in bed. You may picture things like gratefulness for your own health or that of your beloved ones, for mindfulness, love or for healthy food but it can also be anything else, no matter how small.

But no matter when you are having your moment of gratefulness, it is important that you are having it at all. To understand that there are so many tiny things that make your days worthwhile changes something within yourself. It changes you and turns you into a more positive, happier person. And suddenly, you see these little things much easier and wow, suddenly you notice that your days are filled with beautiful moments, no matter how bad the other things might be that happen to you.

Do you practice gratefulness already? And if you do, what does it do to you? Or perhaps, you’d like to start now? No matter, I’d like to read your comments and thoughts on this topic in the comment section!

Photography: Ricarda Schernus



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1 Comment on Mantra Monday – I am grateful

  1. Maria
    Wednesday January 16th, 2019 at 09:27 AM (2 years ago)

    Soooo wahre Worte! Toller Post!!!