Mantra Monday – I Am Enough

Am I enough? Enough for my family, enough for my friends, enough for my boyfriend? Shouldn’t I be a lot better, nicer, more open, more lovely? Shouldn’t I be there much more for others around me? And even more importantly: am I enough for myself?

Our society doesn’t think so. After all, we are supposed to always become better and never be content with who and how we are at the moment. We are supposed to better ourselves constantly, because standing still means recline. And thus, we become more and more unhappy with ourselves as we cannot uphold these ideals that our society and we put upon ourselves.

Be enough for yourself

But indeed, understanding that being enough for oneself is so important. It is also one of my most central mantras that I really meditate on a lot. And repeating to oneself: “I am enough” is not about lethargy or laziness. it is not about forgetting about oneself and ignoring everything that is good for oneself. It is about self-acceptance, about liking how and who we. Like, really!

But how to do that? Well, keep repeating: “I am enough” over and over again and try to really feel it, too. Every time you meditate on this mantra, it will become a stronger and stronger feeling within you and slowly, you will start believing and feeling it. Understand that you are not Superman and nobody is expecting you to be that. You are a normal person with normal strengths and weaknesses and that is fantastic and makes you so unique! You are great just the way you are!

How well can you accept yourself the way you are? And how do you like this mantra? Would you use it for your own meditations? Let me know in the comments!

Photography: Ricarda Schernus




2 Comments on Mantra Monday – I Am Enough

  1. Lisa
    Friday December 21st, 2018 at 08:27 AM (2 years ago)

    Ohh, du strickst? Wie toll! Ganz ehrlich, ich würde es so gerne lernen aber ich kenne niemanden, der es mir beibringen könnte! Vielleicht schaue ich mal nach Strickvideos bei YouTube. Ganz toll auf jeden fall!

    Frohe Weihnachtsfeiertage,


  2. Tina Carrot
    Friday January 4th, 2019 at 09:55 AM (2 years ago)

    Liebe Ricarda,

    du sprichst mir aus der Seele. Ich bin vom Sternzeichen her Jungfrau und schon von Grund auf perfektionistisch, nie zufrieden und recht hart – meist besonders in Bezug auf mich selbst. Sich selbst verzeihen? Das fällt mir sehr schwer, jedoch ist es etwas, an dem ich arbeite. Mein Umfeld gibt mir ständig zu verstehen, dass ich genug bin – aber das auch selbst glauben? Auch daran arbeite ich.

    Ich hoffe, dass uns allen die Umsetzung dieses Gedankens sehr leicht fallen wird in diesem neuen Jahr 2019. :)

    Ganz liebe Grüße,