Mantra Monday – Blossome Journal

For today’s Mantra Monday, I’ve brought along a couple of Mantras… and they’re collected inside a very special book. I received this book called Blossome Journal* by the darling Simone Stocker just a short while ago to test it and ever since I held it in my hands for the first time, I have been using this coaching program in book form on a daily basis.

“This journal helps you to create clarity on what you really want & what makes your eyes sparkle.”

With the help of this book, which doesn’t only look gorgeous and has beautiful illustrations inside, you’ll start to discover your inner wishes and fears step by step and thus, find out where your own path in life should lead. In order to achieve this, the book asks exactly the right questions in a careful and soft way and gives you help to formulate your own thoughts and deepest needs. It also offers clarity on what is still stopping us to lead the life we really want – how beautiful is that?!

After a while, you’ll create a true routine with the Blossome Journal. Every day, I take my time for the book and really turned it into a ritual. I light a scented candle, put on my comfiest home wear, turn on soft music and simply take 10 minutes daily after my yoga practice to work with this journal – even if it is no work at all.

“You’ll create a routine, that helps you to focus on the things that are most important, meaningful, fulfilling and joyful to you.”

By now, I have finished half of the journal and can recommend it to anyone, who’d like to go on their own journey into their inner self. Even, if you believe that you are already leading the life you want, the Blossome Journal will show you different and new facets of yourself and even for this, the book is already worth it.

Do you already know or have heard of Blossome Journal? Would it be something you’d like to try?

*Unpaid advertisement: This book was sent to me as a trial free of charge.

Photography: Ricarda Schernus


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