The big thing that is happening in the UK’s capital right now is the London Collections: Men which is taking place this weekend. Being a nutter for anything British, this and the following women’s collections are a must visit for me. It’s always nice to see what the designers have been up to and especially watching the developments in men’s fashion is always really very interesting because personally, I think it never gets any better than a nicely tailored suit for any man. But then I’m always positively surprised that when it comes down to it, basically, anything goes!
Here are some of my personal favourites so far.
Keep on reading to find out why and do comment and tell me which ones you like best!! Would you dress your boyfriend in any of this??

Picture credit goes to [British], the official website of the London Collections: Men can be found [here].Lou Dalton S:S 2013_GQ
Lou Dalton S/S 2013 Men: Basically, I think it’s a wonderful collection. The colours are a bit autumn-y for a S/S collection, but I just love burgundy, so no harm done! The tailoring is beautifully done and it all just fits together. This is what I would dress a boyfriend in any day!

Mr Start S:S 2013_GQ
Mr Start S/S 2013: Bright, clean, clear silhouettes – I like! The white blazer with the golden buttons is my favourite. Also, even though I think it’s tricky, some men really can pull off pink. Some can’t of course, but then there’s the lovely and shiny marine blue suit for you.

Spencer Hart S:S 2013_GQ
Spencer Hart S/S 2013 Men: Every man should own a perfectly tailored suit. I’ve been a big fan of Spencer Hart for ages and in my opinion, he does it best! I like the swag and the Don Draper vibe to the suits – it’s just sexy! I wish I were a man to wear these great suits as well – oh wait, look at the girl: I can!

Xander Zhou S:S 2013_GQ
Xander Zhou S/S 2013 Men went for a much more opulent and pompous 80s kind of fabric overload! I can’t say I disapprove! This is rather art than anything else, even though the more daring kind of man might be able to pull this off! I would like to see this as street style somewhere!

E. Tautz S:S 2013_GQ
E. Tautz S/S 2013 Men: Just for the coats and the colours, I’ll have to include this designer. Brilliant, loved it! Love the colours and the cuts. Knights in shiny fabric much? Yeah, pretty cool. Not so cool is the pink baby girl’s hat. But that’s okay, cause the coats are cool!

Oliver Spencer S:S 2013_GQ
Oliver Spencer S/S 2013 Men: Khaki, brown, beige and grey + bright and shiny colours = perfect combination! That was math my dearies, yes! I like this so much, kind of cool 90s “hey let’s go on a Safari but afterwards let’s have dinner in Soho” looks. Me gusta!

Agi & Sam S:S 2013_GQ
Agi & Sam S/S 2012 Men: Just for the pastel and print overload, this is love, in a very weird “oops, I’m still in my nightie!” kind of way! Definitely an eye-catcher (and so are the models, don’t you think? Awesome!)