Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man

Oh dear oh dear, you just wouldn’t believe what I found while spending this rainy afternoon cleaning up my folders on my MacBook. A bunch of pictures the lovely Jasmin took of me while we were in Barcelona more than 2 months ago! Crazy how time flies, really. And actually, I have no idea how they got lost in the depth of a forest of folders, but hey, here they are.

I was wearing a yellow Zara jumper that day and it’s hard to believe, but back then, that was absolutely appropriate for the weather conditions. I really like this knitted piece, especially since I’ve quite learned to love the colour yellow. It’s never been a colour I’d considered before, but since this year, I really like it! Together with some black and gold, it makes a really good match, don’t you think?

Oh and do check out this song, I play Mumford & Sons’ songs on the guitar all the time and they’ll have a new album out soon!

And in case you did notice, the header is a weeeee bit different again. Do you approve? I think it freshens things up a bit.

[ZARA knit jumper, skinny jeans, studded boots, Alexander Wang bucket bag, Michael Kors watch]