A while ago, I got inspired by this whole silver heel/wedge thing, so I thought why not just take one of my favourite pair of heels and create a silver platform and heel myself? I just bought some silver tape, cut it to the right width and stuck it to the heel. It’s really lovely and didn’t fall off until this day.

[heels: Marni, dress: H&M, bracelet: vintage]

A few notes on the side:

1) Excuse the crappy photography, the weekend is near and that means quality pictures taken by my talented photographer Isabelle will be up here again very soon!
2) I spent the afternoon upgrading and uploading this new layout. I wanted something clean but more structured than before, plus I was sick of two sidebars, so here we go – I love it!
3) Can you imagine, a little (okay, maybe a little more) bit of icy streets in the morning and the public transport system in HI completely collapses for a whole day?! Jesus Christ I couldn’t believe it!
4) It’s my mom’s birthday on sunday (the 7th), hopefully that means looaaads of cake!
5) It’s Valentine’s Day, soon (the 14th), what are you gonna do for your favourite person that day? Roses, cake, a walk in the zoo, to a restaurant, to the movies? Anything at all? Nothing at all?
6) Exam-time is almost here, uaahhhh beware!
7) LOST, season 6 starts this week – I’m excited!

See you all hopefully on friday, perhaps saturday!

PS.: I love lace, especially hanging in front of my window.