Le Jardin – Garden party with Lillet and Bloomy Days


10 fun ideas for the perfect garden party.

My sweeties, as you know, we are in my old home base Berlin right now – it’s Fashion Week after all. But because we arrived a little early, we had enough time to get used to the big city slowly and enjoy some of this fantastic summer.

So it came in quite handy that Lillet and Bloomy Days invited us to a lovely garden party last Thursday at the beautiful yard of the Bloomy Days headquarter. In a small round of great people, we spent hours just talking, making flower crowns, eating snacks and even creating our own cocktails. Such a good mix in activities.

It was especially exciting for me to find out more about the French aperitif Lillet of which I had heard but never tasted. Lillet is a yummy mix of 80% wines as well as citrus liquors and Kina bark and it comes in white, rosé and red. So some of you may know Lillet under its old name Kina-Lillet. Anyway, we learned the different tastes and also how to create some lovely drinks with this alcoholic beverage (always drink carefully!) that even used to be sold in French pharmacies back in 1872.

But because the evening was so stimulating in a visual way, I thought I’d collect some ideas on how to create your own wonderful garden party this summer. Here’s how you could do it.

10 ideas for your summertime garden party

1. Find a cozy green yard (if you are lacking the privilege of your own garden as I do) and not only ask your neighbours if a garden party would be okay but also if they’d like to join!

2. Make lovely flower bouquets and spread them on the tables.

3. You can even decorate the chairs with flowers on thread – looks so neat!

4. Another corner decorated with fresh flowers is a great photo op for you and your friends.

5. And you can even make flower crowns out of these flowers during the evening. It’s a great memory to take home and looks so pretty on any girl’s head!

6. For the buffet, put fresh homemade salads (we had Cesar Salad) into wraps. It’s a great alternative to normal salad.

7. Buy some ingredients for cocktails and also mix a Bowl from ice, white and rosé Lillet, coconut water, fresh pineapple pieces, lemon and some Salvia leaves – so tasty!

8.Ask someone to bring a guitar or put your own somewhere visible – perhaps, during the evening, someone wants to play. It’s great for beautiful outdoor moments.

9. If you want to do a BBQ, try some unusual mixtures like fresh fruit with lemongrass and fresh seafood.

10. A tent for optional rainy weather is a nice idea. We did have great weather, but you never know, right?

Did you already host or attend a garden party this year? Do you like that kind of thing? If you do, I hope my ideas have been a good inspiration for you all and perhaps by now, you just can’t wait to organize your next garden party with some of my ideas?! That would be so cool…


Photography: Max Bechmann




2 Comments on Le Jardin – Garden party with Lillet and Bloomy Days

  1. Lara
    Tuesday June 28th, 2016 at 05:45 PM (4 years ago)

    Ach ist das hübsch! Da bekommt man wirklich Lust auf eine Gartenparty! <3

  2. Lena
    Friday July 1st, 2016 at 12:49 PM (4 years ago)

    Jetzt kommt ja wieder die Zeit der Gartenpartys. Der Sommer ist da. Jetzt muss nur noch das Wetter besser werden.
    Ich danke Dir für den tollen Artikel.
    Liebe Grüße,