I really hate this coolish, rainy, stormy weather that we have to deal with at the moment… it’s boring not to be able to take longer walks outside and all that… I hope as the month proceeds, at least it’s gonna get a bit warmer… the first day I’ll feel totally fine without a jacket on is gonna be made a public holiday, haha!

I’m wearing hardly anything new today… I mean not even anything near new. My skirt is a leftover from a trimmed vintage dress from my mom. The dress is my sister’s now, the skirt is mine! My wrap around drapery scarf is a leftover from a 60s dress that my grandaunt once made and my hairclip is from a chocolate box decoration, hehe.

Oh and look, it’s 4 days until holidays!!!

[70s vintage skirt, H&M blazer and cardigan, selfmade scarf, vintage necklace, selfmade hairclip, second hand rubber belt, C&A knee high socks, H&M heels]