Wow I didn’t have the time to log into my blogger a lot lately, so I just have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYBODY for all your lovely comments, there was a whole bunch of them I didn’t read, yet… so that completely made my day right now :) You’re a bunch of wonderful people, I love each one of you!

Emem over at [We Love Colors] was sweet enough to send me these really fun splash patterned tights which I am really thankful for, they’re too cool for school xD yet, I really wanna wear them for uni someday, just to see the reactions of my fellow students. I remember wearing a pair of blue sequin leggins to uni last year when everybody was looking at me like I was mad.
Anyway, these tights are so soft, very stretchy and much stronger than your usual H&M tights I should say. Oh what am I talking, they’re so fun, get yourself a pair if you want!

Btw., it’s so cold over here already, I didn’t feel my fingers for half an hour after having come back home… winter is just horrible!

Have an extremely lovely day!

PS.: I’ve just been browsing my blog a bit, the booties I’m wearing here are the same ones I was wearing back in [this post], some of you might remember. But by now, I’m wearing the studded belts in a different way around my ankles AND I had to dye the platform and heel black because it was totally destroyed (sod ZARA shoes, really!) I also coloured the sole golden, just for the sake of it :)


[H&M wool coat and zipper dress, We Love Colors tights, Topshop bag, Zara shoes]