Interior: Old vs New


My dream flat? It’s definitely old. Everything that was build from around 1890 to 1910 is perfect as in Germany’s cities, that means “Altbau”, describing buildings with high ceilings, wooden floors and huge windows. It also means a lot of Art Nouveau and baroque details which I really adore.

But living in a beautiful old flat (as I hopefully one day will) doesn’t mean you’d have to have an old and stuffy interior. The contrast between the old and the new is what really excities me.

I found the flat in these pictures during the Berlin eBay event and was immediately smitten! A large, old but refurbished flat with lots of beautiful old AND new pieces like chairs, stools and a crazy patterend wallpaper. Do you feel as inspired by this as I am? If so, have a look at the interior pieces I have collected for you. Perhaps you’ll also find something to your liking?

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1 Kartell ghost table | 2 Leonardo vase | 3 Pols Potten chair | 4 3D wallpaper | 5 Frandsen lamp | 6 HAY chair | 7 Zeus couch table

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2 Comments on Interior: Old vs New

  1. Fee
    Friday June 12th, 2015 at 05:05 PM (5 years ago)

    Ich bin auch ganz verliebt in Altbauwohnungen, tolle Fotos! :)

    Alles Liebe,
    Fee von Floral Fascination