The beginning of October I spent at my family’s place where I had the first pumpkin soup of the year and the last plums while taking long walks on the hill…

Yves Saint Laurent send me some wonderful cosmetics and perfume and I tried out new make-up styles and dyed my hair again (I love freshly dyed hair!)

There is no Instagram month without the coffee and handbag addiction! I especially loved iced caramel macchiato during the last warm days of the year!

Discovering wonderful new places for taking pictures while walking to the local customs! Also, in October was the first time I had to go to work in the dark again and coming home in the dark is equally horrible!

I loved the promotion for SKYFALL, the new amazing Bond movie and I had a great night at the SHOW ME premiere at FRIEDRICHSTADTPALAST!

Some armswag and new in items from Mango and net-a-porter!!

MyHudson blogger event in Hamburg was so much fun with Linda, Masha, Franzi and Marie!! The food was equally amazing!

Even Berlin has some beautiful nature to spot if only you take a moment and actually LOOK for it!

Revealing what was IN THE BOX from Jimmy Fairly. Photoshooting for Querbinder Magazine and travelling to Hamburg to meet my sister and attending the Shoe Step Of The Year Award by Deichmann.

Four favourite outfits (two of them from Halloween) from the blog!

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