Another month has passed and again, the Instagram posts make me realize how incredibly fast the months go by. The year will soon be over and I really can’t believe it!
So let’s start with a collage of the many faces of Berlin this month… sunny, foggy, snowy – Berlin had it all!

I’ve been trying to be a little creative again in November, painting pictures, drawing sketches, decorating my flat for Christmas time and baking lovely mince pies.

Of course, you all know of my coffee addiction by now – November hasn’t been any different although I’ve found another addiction to add to the coffee: mince pies!

As you all should’ve noticed: I’ve been invited to Paris in November and had a wonderful time at Hotel Amour

… and at the Paco Rabanne Black XS Excessive Session with Ellie Goulding where I met loads of amazing bloggers (and I finally met Tony Stone, wahouuu!!)

After Paris, I went to London where I had an equally amazing time. I love London more than any other place in the world!!

But soon I had to travel back from my favourite city but the goodbye wasn’t so hard because Berlin had been nicely decorated for Christmas as well.

And even though this was already in December, I’ve spend one of the most perfect Sundays of the year with my boyfriend in Berlin, walking over the Christmas market and going to the movies, watching Cloud Atlas, afterwards!

And finally, and you’ve already noticed that as well: I’ve turned from redhead to brunette again in November and these are my favourite pictures of this month!

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