On a shortish outfit-post hiatus due to several sicknesses I’m trying to get rid of right now. Bear with me, you’ll hopefully see new outfit pictures on here in another two weeks or so again! Until then, see what I’ve been up to and if you like, follow me @rickylilly on Instagram. Have a great weekend, I MISS POSTING MY STYLES SOOOO MUCH :((( WISH ME HEALTH!!!


1. The first cherries of 2012, 2. Something I do when I’m bored, 3. Trainride with my Doctor Who bag, 4. Strawberry tartelette

1. Something I’m intending to buy soon, 2. Lovely sashimi dinner, 3. The best breakfast ever @ Le Bretagne in Berlin Kreuzberg, 4. Something I made myself

Berlin Skies

1. Jubilee Weekend colours, 2. Selfmade berry milkshake, 3. Perfect blue, 4. On the train, looking stupid :)