It’s been yet another month! Everytime I do these monthly Instagram recaps, I can’t believe how fast time goes by!
Well, nonetheless, let’s start with something sweet and then let’s see what happened to me in this fantastic month of January 2013.

Of course, January was the month of Berlin Fashion Week. I had a great time, met lovely people and posted about my favourite shows on the blog. You might have seen the posts already, but if you haven’t, you can always use my search box in the sidebar and look up “fashion week”.

It was also the month that PR agencies really started to use my real-life post box to fill me up on their recent lookbooks, send me personalised letters and send me lovely goodies. Thank you so much! I also saw a great flick, the best movie since “Skyfall”: “Django Unchained”! Go watch it if you haven’t, yet. Christoph Waltz is fabulous in it.

Then, you might have seen the posts, I was invited to Madrid by C&A for the #reimagine design challenge. I, again, had a wonderful time with my favourite blogger girls like Alice and Chloe.

The dinner and breakfast in Madrid was wonderful. So was the flight back to Berlin over the snowy mountains of Switzerland.

I received a couple of fantastic goodies from ohhAndy.com and Miista. Thanks again, gals and boys! And I’ve hung out at some of my favourite Berlin places: Gendarmenmarkt and the best English Café “East London”.

Before my stomach got all messed up (which it still is, ugh!), I ate and drank some lovely, healthy things and even cooked all by myself again! Loved that!

And finally, I’m taking a break from everything right now with my parents in Hannover. I visited the Hobbit-hole I built 12 years ago and it still stands and finally have enough time for some reading and writing again. That makes me so happy!

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