Hey guys, because I really love the Instagram collections on some of my favourite blogs, I decided to give you a little overview of what’s been happening on my instagram in the last 4 or so weeks, too and then repeat this every new week :) Especially for those of you who don’t use the app, this will hopefully give you a nice insight into my everyday life of pretty and yummy things! Have fun and if you DO use Instagram, follow me @rickylilly.


1. Spring on my table, 2. [MULBERRY] cookie bag love, 3. Cherry blossoms in Hannover, 4. My street at sunset

1. Coffee and Chanel, 2. Silver armparty, 3. My eye, 4. My feet in Zara

1. Charlotte Olympia Kitty love, 2. Doctor Who fan tote, 3. Me, 4. Golden armswag

I just went to Barcelona again! Some impressions… more to come soon!

Food porn. I just love fruit right now!!

1. MNG changing room, 2. Ombre nails, 3. Tanning at the park, 4. May-festival at the Ghetto-Park

1. New MOO, 2. sketching at school, 3. cooking for friends, 4. Armswag and turquoise stuff

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