Okay I *was* feeling a bit better this morning, despite all the coughing and shit, BUT when I came home after we took a nice lil walk in the rain through the park, I got this horrible cramp in me right leg and since then I’m not able to walk anymore :/ Horrible, I don’t wish this for my worst enemy!
Anyway, today I’m presenting you some lucky thrift finds of late! First, the huge knit cardigan, so nice and warm, perfect also as a jacket as I wore it today, because it wasn’t really cold outside… it’s so perfect and cost me only a couple of €!
Second, the plaid patterned harem pants! Woah, how I love these pants! But originally they were no harem pants, they were just ordinary second hand worn out women’s pants, straight leg. I took them, cut them into pieces, changed the shape and, tadaaaa, after widening the upper leg part and narrowing the lower legs, I have my perfect spring pants! Gotta love em – all selfmade :)

[Outfit today: beige knit-cardi: local thrift store, black cardi: H&M, black plaid harem pants: selfmade/thrift, belt: some christmas leftover present wrapping, heels: Topshop, wool hat: H&M]

*= If By Yes is an awesome project by Yuka Honda and Petra Hayden that I totally adore at the moment. If you can find it somehow and like Yuka’s music anyway, go have a listen!
Talking about Yuka, this is me imitating Yuka’s friend Sean.. hihi… it’s obvious, eh? :)