Yep, that’s the title of my BA thesis – as from now on confirmed by my professor. Gosh, I want to finishhhh… it’s getting boring!

Nothing for me on the sales, it’s all boring. But found a not-so-cheap but very beautiful soft denim-look dress at H&M the other day. It’s gorgeous, really nice to wear on a hot day (as we have many of those lately!)

Went to have an ice cream round the corner with my sister earlier, I had a Spaghetti ice cream and my sister a Stracciatella chocolate ice cream. Wow, SO tasty, but the cream and choco/raspberry sauce and crunchy bits of chocolate on top were enough food for the whole day!

It’s really the perfect kind of weather right now! Once I have finished with my BA it’ll probably be pouring down again, but if not, I’ll spend morning until evening in my parents’ garden, that’s for sure!

dress, silver bracelet: H&M, heels: Topshop, leather bag: vintage, local newspaper.