I’m so busy at the moment, I don’t even have time to take a cigarette break, haha. End of the semester always means running up and down, spending too much time in front of the laptop and studying for exams. So looking forward to when all this is getting better again, when we’ll have time to go out or just stay in being lazy.

Wearing my favourite oversized knit – so incredibly warm which is desperately needed at the moment. I’m waiting for spring…
Now I’m off to have dinner, no idea what’s on but I’m really hungry! :D

Have a great and successful week everybody!

P.S.: Oh and as I didn’t notice before, as most of the ladies, I’m in the Weardrobe top 100, too. Actually on the last (but hopefully not least) page of the ebook :) Sweet.

[Knit-cardi by H&M, burnout effect top by Miss Selfridge, Levi’s 501 cropped jeans, Fendi inspired boots off ebay, vintage bag and jewellery, hat from London]