I’m having these strange dreams that I’m in London and always something important is missing. In one dream, I have forgotten my suitcase, heading back into the airplane 10 times to see if I can find it only to figure out that I must’ve left it at home. In another one, I have forgotten to change money and in yet another, I simply have forgotten my shoes – which is worst of course.
Can’t wait, London is gonna be so much fun! Less than a week!

This is a little drawing I made of Agent Cooper when he helps Leland to “find his path into the light”. I just love this scene, it’s very intense. I also simply love Coop with wet hair in his pretty face, haha… I’m just a girl after all! And finally, I love how this drawing turned out to look like a Marvel comic picture from the 60s.
I was thinking about colouring it, but finally I decided not to – it’s perfect like this.


PS.: Thanks for your comments on the previous post, glad you agree. It’s just disgusting.

Have a lovely day my beautiful readers!