It’s true. At least most of the time, especially when it’s really warm outside I just can’t stand anything but a fresh salad with avocado, lime, thin slices of chicken and some good vinegar. At the moment it’s pretty much alright, though, the weather.
Just got a letter from the local customs, some package arrived for me. Damn those idiots, can’t they just ship it as a gift or something, it’s such a drag going all the way up north to pick it up!

I like these shoes – loads! They’re extremely comfortable and since I was craving for some kinda silver dancing-shoes, these were just perfect! It’s actually tap-dancing shoes, if anybody should wonder!


Boxy-cardi, floral tights: Topshop, black tank-top, bleached denim shorts: H&M, leather bag: vintage, silver tap-dancing shoes: ebay, Wayfarers: local store