I am the rain
Held in disdain
Lotions and potions just add to my fame
The rime that in Spain
Fall on the plain
The truth is I’m ruthless I can’t be contained

Up in the sky we’ve demand to supply
I am necessity, base of the recipy
I’m the rain…
(by Peter – genious – Doherty)

Can you believe I’ve already finished my kinda-like-Rodarte-inspired-knitted dress?? Ahhh I’m so glad it turned out very nice and not as a waste of wool throwaway thing xD It took me about 2 weeks to knit this piece, starting at the neck and then slowly working myself down, always adding a couple of knits every new row, so that in the end it turned out REALLY FUCKIN’ wide at the lowest part!
I didn’t use too small needles but also not the biggest, maybe 10” and I knitted on a round needle of course, but I knitted it in a VERY loose way, regularly losing my knits off the needle! But I managed to somehow finish it anyway, so I’m really glad!
By the way, for the real Rodarte look, you just gotta wear the dress left side out, and thus, never forget to have any threads hanging out on that side!
Next? Maybe some knitted tights? We’ll see, yippeh yeah!!

The location of this photo shoot with my wonderful sister? Our parents’ garden… it’s such a paradise in spring when everything is in bloom and almost seems to be too much for the garden to cope with… but it’s not of course! It’s the most relaxing place I can think of and I enjoy relaxing there as often as time and weather allows me :)


[Wearing black tights, Topshop Predator gladiator heels, self-knitted Rodarte-inspired dress]