Hotel La Divine Comédie Avignon

During our road-trip with our French old-timer through Provence, our route did not only lead us through fields, hills, vineyards and olive groves, but also through one or the other beautiful town, one of these being Avignon. You might have heard of this beautiful city, that gained quite some attention thanks to a little song about people dancing on a bridge. Of course, we also saw this bridge, as well as the impressive Pope Palace that has been declared as world cultural heritage. After all, it is one of the largest and most important medieval gothic buildings in the whole of Europe.

But even more impressive is a hidden Garden Eden in the midst of the small streets of Avignon: the incredible Hotel La Divine Avignon* is a true gem of this city, hidden behind high walls so you would never expect it from the outside. This largest private city garden of Avignon is a true rarity and absolutely unique!

The effect you get to experience here is almost indescribable: from the hot alleys of the city, you follow a small road towards a big, wooden door. As this door opens, you step into another world – an oasis in the midst of the city. You feel enchanted right away, in this garden, where only the sound of singing birds adds a beautiful melody to the calming quiet of the surroundings. Large trees and bushes fill the rich garden with life, enchant the light with movement on the grass while they cool and refresh the air. And then, there is this house… renovated with endless love for detail by a Parisian couple, it is so unique and breathtaking.

From the outside, La Divine Comédie is a beautiful mansion with all the details of French architecture that you’d wish for. But from the inside, it is a true cultural and artistic experience like no other! Only very few people can stay at this place at a time (there are only five suites) – you’re basically feeling all private here and get all the time to discover all the lovely interior design of this hotel. Over the years, the creative owners have collected endless tasteful pieces of art and decor to give this house a very specific, unique charm: an incredible fusion between classic and modern art and design that you cannot get enough of…

The suites, as well, have their own, individual style and are all different in their interior design. They also mirror the love for detail and decoration of the owners and feel cozy and welcoming at the same time. You don’t feel like you’re not allowed to tough anything, you rather feel like this is your own home, just with more tasteful design pieces. We loved and and didn’t get bored of discovering new details all the time.

And if your eyes should get tired at some point, it is easy to relax them by the hidden pool. The most private and comfortable pool I have ever seen in my life. It is comfortably hidden behind trees and bushes and gives you the feeling that you are relaxing in your own, beautiful garden, enjoying a nice cooldown in the lovely water. Would there be a better way to enjoy a relaxing afternoon?!

We definitely fell in love with La Divine Comédie in Avignon and can only suggest it to everyone who, like us, enjoys the particularly beautiful things in life. A magical stay is guaranteed at this place!

La Maison – The House:

L’Interieur – The Interior:

Le Jardin – The Garden:

La Piscine – The Pool:

La Chambre – The Room

Le Petit Déjeuner – The Breakfast

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3 Comments on Hotel La Divine Comédie Avignon

  1. Janet
    Thursday August 20th, 2020 at 11:56 AM (3 months ago)

    A magical place!!!! Great pictures! So inspiring to travel to France for an autumn holiday!

  2. Luisa
    Thursday August 20th, 2020 at 06:10 PM (3 months ago)

    Ein traumhafter Ort, wie im Paradies! Danke für die tolle Inspiration! :-)

  3. Frankie
    Thursday August 20th, 2020 at 09:09 PM (3 months ago)

    French architecture and palm trees – that does it for me! I‘m in love! <333