Yesterday, I daresay it was way too warm, my blood circulation got totally fucked so I couldn’t even take a bus-ride in the afternoon sun. How could I have thought that a pair of tights could kill me so much… so today I dared it: for the first time of the year I went outside in the denim shorts without anything tights or leggins-like under! And yes, it was still pretty very much a sweaty day we spent walking around and sitting at the huuuge artificial lake.

Tomorrow I’ll be going back to Germany… as long as it seemed, as short as it was, or vice versa! I’d like to stay here longer, but University whistles from far away, ahhhrggghh!

[Yesterday: denim shorts: Topshop, wool-tights, scarf, vest, cardi: H&M, heels: Primark]
[Today: denim shorts: Topshop, lace-socks, scarf: H&M, shirt: ZARA, fringe boots: Primark]