À la sainte jeunesse, à l’air simple, au doux front,
À œil limpide et clair ainsi qu’une eau courante,
Et qui va répandant sur tout, insouciante
Comme l’azur du ciel, les oiseaux et les fleurs,
Ses parfums, ses chansons et ses douces chaleurs!
(Charles Baudelaire – Les Fleurs du mal)

Well, here’s another dress I made a while ago – I was only waiting for my Topshop shoes to arrive to style those two pieces together. When I first saw these shoes, I was thinking “they have to get married to this dress!”, and it proved to be so right. When we were taking these pictures, my sister agreed saying suddenly you notice millions of things that also fit to these clothes perfectly – colourwise.

I really don’t know what else to say, still writing on my bachelor’s thesis. Have to finish it these days to hand it next week.
I’m really boring recently, aren’t I. But I’m so good these days, everything seems to go so well, makes me feel great.

Miss Moss for Topshop collection for AW 09/10 launches tomorrow. I’m broke, but still looking forward to her new pieces.

Have a lovely evening and lots of sunshine tomorrow!


[Selfmade dress, Topshop shoes and bag, vintage ring]