Even if this is far from finished, I felt like sharing some pics of my new place with you guys. And even if we had tons of boxes, bags and stuff in the transporter, seeing it all arranged in my two-room apartment makes me wonder where all the stuff went! Well, looking at the bright side, I’ll have loads of room for dancing around all night and day (which I won’t, at least not at the moment, the heat is crazy and any movement is one movement too many!)

So let’s start the virtual tour of the place in the bedroom (I’ll leave out the kitchen and bathroom because they’re just not pretty, haha). The bedroom is nearly empty, it only includes a bed (unbelievable, right?) and a closet (far too small one, not even half of my clothes fit in there, so I’ll need to buy another one in the near future). Well, and one of my guitars, my prettiest one I’ll have to say :)


Well, actually you *could* see a bit of the kitchen, haha.
The other room is my living-room and it doesn’t even include a sofa which is too bad because I’d love one but I simply can’t afford one right at the beginning so I’ll have to wait until at least october! I’ve arranged some other things in there, though. Just have a look:


Detail shots and whatnot might follow at some other point. I’ll see you soon!!