My, I think at some point I’ll make all my clothing by myself. I feel I’m getting better every time I make a new piece. This time, I felt like sewing me some shorts since I spotted this gorgeous piece of plum coloured silk-like viscose fabric at the store (It was on sale for only €3 for one meter!). It has such a soft feel to it and even while sitting it doesn’t seem to get too wrinkled which is nice.
The idea of the sewing these kind of shorts I got from a similar pair of denim shorts I recently saw at, so without having any idea of the pattern, I just started cutting pieces and stitched them to each other until it looked right to my eyes. Since the fabric is not stretchy at all, I also had to add a zipper and buttons to the front (Which is something I hate hate hate doing – with a passion!) But after about 4 hours, the shorts were complete and finished and yes, I wore them the last 3 days in a row, haha! I also bought the same fabric in a pale blue colour, so I’ll see what can be done with that when boredom strikes next time!

Did you know that Plastic Ono Band and Sean Lennon are playing a concert in London on June 14th??? Man, I SOOO wanna go, someone buy me a ticket? (I think it’s sold out already anyway… hm)

Have a sunny day!


Shorts by me, second-hand Blazer by Gerry Weber, H&M organic cotton teeshirt, Balenciaga city bag, grey tights, 80s vintage leather boots, vintage jewellery

“Your hair looks like dogpoo today.” (My sister) :D