Just to present you a little thing today:
My new favourite sweater! I’ve sewn it on Friday night using just two things: the leftover fabric from the grey cardi I made for Pascal a while ago (Oi, Pascal, what’s up with you anyway?) and a bit of silver/grey fabric which was a leftover from a dress I made like 5 years ago. Then also some grey and silver thread (which makes it more than two things, right? nevermind ;)) but that’s it.
The cut is really simple, too since it’s just a square with attached little sleeves (the silver fabric). On the bottom I added a rubber band to make it look more like a bubble shirt which is nice somehow^^ Well, that’s about it and since I’ve got nothing else to tell you, I’ll just type down what my iPod tells me are my current favourite 10 tracks. Have a great weekend!

The Basement Track – High Contrast
Hell Is Round The Corner – Tricky
Trippin’ On Eva Be – Eva Be (Featuring David Ben-Porat)
Bob’s Yer Uncle – Happy Mondays
Common Sense – Flunk
Dirty!Filthy! – Ascii Disko
Alone In Kyoto – Air
The World – Empire Of The Sun
Vlad The Impaler – Kasabian
Dissolved Girl – Massive Attack


[Jersey sweater: selfmade, skinny jeans: H&M, lace-up ankle boots: Topshop, bag: Balenciaga, bracelet: H&M]