Feel-Good Yoga Wear

My personal yoga-journey

The past 10 months have been the most intense in my almost 4-year yoga-journey so far. I am currently practicing 50 to 90 minutes yoga daily and on every single day of the year, in any place, no matter where I am or how I feel prior to my praxis. But in the end, I always feel marvelous after a yoga-session and that is what counts. This daily practice has brought change to my mind, my body and my soul and I feel so much fitter, happier and more relaxed than I used to. This time just for myself has become so precious that I wouldn’t wanna miss it for the world.

Through yoga, I found self-love, mindfulness, a purely plant-based lifestyle, less consumption of everything, more closeness to nature, more love for others and so much more. All in all, I am simply living a far more mindful life and yoga has definitely brought me there. Yoga can change you, but always to the better. You learn to discover and accept your limits and overcome your fears…

But always in good yoga-wear

Of course, wearing the right clothes is so important if you practice yoga on a daily basis. The clothes must be super comfortable and flexible and even though I love wide pants, I mostly prefer elastic leggings for my daily yoga practice, combined with a small bra or top. Not too much fabric, though, because I tend to sweat a lot.

It is also really important to me that my clothes are being produced in a fair and sustainable fashion. After all, I’m wearing my yoga clothes A LOT and over a long period of time and naturally, I wouldn’t wanna wear clothes that could harm my health or my skin or, in the worst case, have been produced under really bad working conditions.

No, my clothes should please be produced fair, high-quality and sustainable. I’m fine with paying a little more for them if the price is still reasonable.

Yoga-Wear by OGNX

Luckily, there is yoga-wear by OGNX* (pronounce: organics), a brand that combines all these aspects perfectly. The brand is exactly what I’m expecting of a yoga-wear brand. It produces fair and sustainable active-wear for men and women with only high-quality and sustainable materials like biological cotton, recycled polyester or polyamide and only produces in Europe and Turkey with the highest standards of fair working conditions for all people involved in the production process.

You can only love such a brand, right? Especially, if they produce such beautiful yoga-wear as you can see in my outfit today which was send to me as a pr sample. I love the hand-tie-dye design of my yoga pants* made from recycled polyester and spandex and in combination with the cute top with “Yoga Girl”-print*, it’s one of my all-time favorite yoga-outfits!

Do you care about sustainability and fairness when you buy new clothes? And if so, what are your favorite sustainable and fair fashion brands? I’m looking forward to your input!

*PR Samples

Photography: Max Bechmann



2 Comments on Feel-Good Yoga Wear

  1. Jana
    Monday July 22nd, 2019 at 07:26 AM (1 month ago)

    Das Yogaoutfit ist richtig schön! Und die Marke klingt super unterstüzenswert :)

    Liebst, Jana

  2. Jule
    Thursday August 8th, 2019 at 09:03 AM (2 weeks ago)

    Wunderschön dieser Post! So inspirierend, selbst mal Yoga auszuprobieren.

    LG Jule


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