Hullo! This was quick, wasn’t it? One day I’m apologizing to myself for having neglected my blog a bit, next day I come up with a new outfit post! I must say, I’m slightly proud of myself, haha.

This is one of my favourite autumn-combos so far. I feel I’m wearing this all the time. The coat is customised by me, because when I found it in the second-hand shop, it was far too big for me. I had to take in the sides about 10 cm on both sides! I also had to narrow the shoulders, remove the freakin’ shoulder pads and on top of it all, I shortened the sleeves to a 3/4 length because I just liked it better. So that’s it, my customised trench.

Uni is about to start soon, although actually, I have no idea if it’s next week or the week after, haha. Should check that again.
I’m also waiting for a phonecall right now, to see if I’m taken to the Zooooo tomorrow or not, heh. Oh well… have a lovely day everybody!

[Second-hand customised trench, dress from somewhere in Berlin, Marni wedges, vintage jewellery]