A weekend-getaway to Paris with Thalys

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When we start missing, there’s no stopping us, anymore. And Paris, with its wonderful architecture, iconic sights, sweet little corners and romantic street cafés can easily be missed. And when that time has come again, we simply have to visit the city of lights and love once again. Even, if the time is just enough for a short weekend getaway.

So, for a romantic autumn trip, we went to Paris this past weekend. It was a magical time to be visiting Paris as the sky was moody and the fog was wrapping the tip of the Eiffel Tower into a soft, white blanket. The sweets were calmer than usual, the trees already coloured in beautiful brown and yellow. The Seine was moving lively and everything seemed even more magical than it usually does in Paris.

And if we plan these kind of short weekend trips to Paris, we always choose going there by train. The Thalys* is such a comfortable choice when it comes to train riding, too. Just think about it…

… with the Thalys, you can leave from Dusseldorf main station and you’ll arrive in Paris Gare du Nord. Both much more central than the airports – especially Charles de Gaulle in Paris is so far away from the city center.

… you don’t have to wait on all those endless luggage controls, don’t have to walk endless miles through airport areas and you’re all over much more relaxed, so you’ll arrive in Paris refreshed and can start discovering the city right away.

… going to Paris by train is of course much more sustainable and better for the environment than flying there. Especially, if you think about the endless taxi drive into Paris as well. Flying isn’t even faster if you consider the time you take from door to door.

… if you choose a first class ticket at Thalys, you’ll also get two complimentary meals per trip and person, good wi-fi, lots of newspapers and entry to the lounges which is really worth it!

As you can see, Thalys offers many pros compared to a flight and we’d always choose it for our Paris trips. Have you ever experienced a train ride with Thalys, yourself?

Ihr seht, für uns bietet der Thalys nur Vorteile gegenüber eines anstrengenden Fluges nach Paris. Wohnt ihr auch im Westen Deutschlands und habt schonmal den Thalys genutzt? Berichtet uns doch gerne einmal davon!

*Unpaid ad: We were invited to do this trip by Thalys.

Photography: Max Bechmann



2 Comments on A weekend-getaway to Paris with Thalys

  1. Maren
    Friday October 18th, 2019 at 11:40 AM (1 year ago)

    Toller Beitrag und super Tipp! Nach Paris mit dem Zug ist eine super Idee!

  2. Julia
    Monday October 21st, 2019 at 07:00 AM (1 year ago)

    Oh so schön, Paris vermisse ich auch sehr oft!