Ok, I’m just throwing this in quickly before going back to my studies!!
I guess no need to post the picture of the inspirational piece from MakiMaki again? Ok!

What I used: 80 cm of coral coloured satin/cotton mix, 20 cm of black satin/cotton mix, 2 m of satin ribbon + thread and my sewing machine
What it cost: all together I payed €23 on fabrics
What I changed: I made it more look like a Kimono than a normal teeshirt, partly beause I prefer it like that, but also because the fabric was basically begging me to make it look like that! I also sewed on real satin ribbons instead of stitched-on-ones, because I wanted it to be a bit more sophisticated and also more 3D and shit like that. Third, I made the black part a bit wider because the width of the sleeves was kinda asking for it, too!
What I kept: The colour of course, and the three ribbons, the middle bar and the altogether idea of the dress/shirt.

And now, here it is! One of my best quality dresses so far, I really gave an effort on it :) Can’t wait to wear it out in spring/summer.