“Do you guys ever fight?!” – Part II

Couple stories part II – from Max’ point of view.

The weekend is already over and it was super nice to meet some old and new friends and spend some time together. We really love being out and about with our favorite people as they inspire us and make us laugh. Especially, this past weekend, we managed to meet some the friends we neglected a little bit in the past weeks due to all our various our trips.

Working together and being in a relationship? Never!

But the largest part of our days, we spend just with the two of us. We are planning our jobs and trips together, we are invited to events together and on my jobs, I like to take Ricarda along as my assistant. And, of course, we’re also a couple and live together!

This is something that lots of people can’t imagine for their own lives. We often hear that they couldn’t work and be together. It would be too much. Too close.

Related to Ricarda’s article “Do you guys ever fight?” (do read it again if you’re interested), I would like to show you my point of view today. After all, you always need at least two people for harmony and fights.

Relaxed time management

I believe that this works thanks to our independence and the time that we can plan freely throughout the day and week. We have no bosses, just ourselves. We don’t have the pressure to plan perfect weekends as we only have that time together. No, we basically have ALL the time together, so we can always take breaks, talk, spend nice days while working together. It’s a great privilege.

Friction causes energy

But don’t think that because of this, we’re always super harmonic. We are fighting, oh yes! It just can’t be avoided. We are both hotheads and very independent individuals. We are also two crazy creatives and then, wer’re also man and woman! This combination has to explode from time to time!

We do have to go into separate rooms for a moment, then, and take a deep breath. But after that, we’re usually fine again and a little bit closer than before. We have gotten to know each other a little better after each fight and it makes us grow together over time, so fighting does help.

How do you guys handle conflicts? Do you have some ideas that you’d like to share? If so, do write them down in the comment section!

Photography: Ricarda Schernus




2 Comments on “Do you guys ever fight?!” – Part II

  1. Janina
    Monday October 22nd, 2018 at 04:48 PM (2 years ago)

    Schöner Beitrag, sehr spannend zu lesen, dass ihr echt soo viel Zeit zusammen verbringt und das auch noch so gut zu klappen scheint! Da muss man glaub ich schon sehr tolerant sein ;-D super Bilder übrigens, tolles Licht!


  2. Lisa
    Monday October 29th, 2018 at 07:54 AM (2 years ago)

    Was für ein schöner Beitrag, der nicht nur toll zu lesen ist, sondern auch Mut für die eigene Bezieung gibt. Danke für den schönen Beitrag.