The Self-made Summer Skirt

Around 11 years ago, I founded this blog. Back then, in 2008, one of the main topics here on CATS & DOGS was my love for knitting and sewing – handicrafts were and still are a beloved hobby of mine. During my studies, I created many beautiful pieces of clothing, as, for example, this knitted dress, which I even sold to a friend later on.

Then, at the end of my studies and the beginning of working life, I didn’t find the time for sewing anymore and started blogging about styling outfits and my beauty routine. The classic fashion blog was born and I kept doing this for the next couple of years. The blog established itself in the German fashion blogging scene so that, in 2013, I became self-employed with my own business.

Now, that Max and I have transformed CATS & DOGS into a couple, travel and lifestyle blog, I have enough time again for my hobbies, so I had the time and will to start sewing and knitting again and so, one day a couple of weeks back, I simply created this wrap-skirt myself and this is also what I wanted to show to you all today.

The beautiful thing about sewing clothes yourself is, next to the sewing process itself which can be challenging at times, the relationship you have towards your new piece of clothing. From a simple piece of fabric, you created something that suits you, fits you and meets your wishes and ideas, exactly. All of which you’ll never find when you buy a piece of clothing at a shop or online. And that is why I want to start sewing again more often (and knitting in winter). It’s also much more sustainable, especially if you use second-hand or old fabric.

How do you like my self-sewn skirt and have you sewn something yourself sometime? I am looking forward to your comments very much!

Photography: Max Bechmann



2 Comments on The Self-made Summer Skirt

  1. Bangladesch
    Wednesday July 10th, 2019 at 08:05 AM (1 year ago)

    I keep following you. You look amazing. Thanks.

  2. Laura
    Friday July 12th, 2019 at 11:14 AM (1 year ago)

    Der Rock ist wunderbar geworden! Wow! Ich wünschte, ich könnte so gut nähen!

    LG Laura