Tryin‘ to be a gentleman

Too good my sister owns this lovely bowler hat because more often than she actually wears it i steal it from her closet and wear it as if it was my own. Simply très chic, and the quality is stunning too. Only problem: It usually needs a lot of persuation powers to actually get it […]

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Second Hand Victory!

Ohhhh today I was so lucky, and since this doesn’t happen too often I should really celebrate today’s findings at the cheap turkish second hand shop ‚round the corner. I went there, freezing and shivering even in my nice fur coat, but the little walk turned out to be totally worth it. I got hold […]

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Such a rip-off!!!

Too many holes – that ain’t possible!!! Thus, in a moment of mental disturbance, I got hold of me scissors and cut my good old H&M tights into bits… or to put it less dramatic, I kinda stylised them, heh!

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(Blue) Suede Bag

And another try to establish a new blog… it’s real sad, i’m always too lazy to keep my blogs updated and after a while they’re so outdated that i don’t even enjoy posting in them anymore. FYC, this is supposed to be a fashion based blog, because it’s still the one thing that interests me […]

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