I DO believe the Collective Unconscious exists

I am the rainHeld in disdainLotions and potions just add to my fameThe rime that in SpainFall on the plainThe truth is I’m ruthless I can’t be contained…Up in the sky we’ve demand to supplyI am necessity, base of the recipyI’m the rain…(by Peter – genious – Doherty) Can you believe I’ve already finished my […]

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Knit me, kitty

Today, uni starts again – ugh! But I spend the early morning hours just as the last few days – knitting! It’s really quite addictive… and knitting in this super-loose way, you see results so much sooner than with ’normal‘ knitting, so it’s great for people like me: with NO patience whatsoever! Haha, I wish […]

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Sergeant Peacock

I’ve always known I must be a little bit crazy… not only did I realize that since my boy’s mother asked me this exact sentence (isn’t it great to know that you’re loved? haha) but yep, inspired and kinda mentally supported by the wonderful and incredibly creative Shini from PARK & CUBE, I also dared […]

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Today’s modern 1800

Ahoy! Summerly greetings from Bremen I should say, although I’m already back home at this point! For easter saturday, we went up north to spend the sunny day at my grandma’s and had lunch and cakes with her and my grandaunt at their place. Earlier, we went along the Weser (Bremen’s famous river :D) and […]

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