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I’m back home for a week right now. Today my sister and I had so much fun shooting two different outfits I created out of her amazing wardrobe. She owns about everything you need for any kind of look you want to create! I literally wish to live inside her wardrobe! Anyway, this is most […]

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My shooting with Brigitte

A while back I was invited by the Brigitte-team to Hamburg to shoot a bridal hair-special. I had so much fun that day, met great people and was even allowed (!) to keep my hair like this when I left, so that my boyfriend and I could later on walk around downtown and Reeperbahn with […]

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As pretty as you are…

I still wish for you to leave now, snow. You can come back again, but not too soon, so that I can easily walk the streets on high heels again without twisting my ankles,slipping and landing uncomfortably on my bum. Wearing vintage silk and lace sleeping gown, Topshop velvet dress underneath, dotted tights, Topshop ankle […]

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Summertime, hey hey!

As promised before (whether you want it or not :P) some pics of the dk fashion show on saturday. Some of the dresses were really quite cute! I myself ordered a very cute heart-print dress from Topshop yesterday, can’t wait till it arrives! Photo credit, as always, goes to Isabelle Schernus, my sister and phtographer […]

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