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Deadman’s Ball

♬ Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams ♬ Sweet dreams are made of thisWho am I to disagree?Travel the world and the seven seasEverybody’s looking for something Some of them want to use youSome of them want to get used by youSome of them want to abuse youSome of them want to be abused… Happy Halloween! […]

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MyHudson Event

Not too long ago, a couple of German fashion bloggers including Linda, Franzi, Masha, Marie and YouTube blogger daaruum as well as myself were invited to Hamburg for a really fun event organized by MyHudson and it was all about coloured tights all day long! The people were incredibly lovely, the tights super nice, great […]

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Common Vintage 1

A while ago I met up with the lovely peeps from COMMON VINTAGE, got to choose some outfits and had my pictures taken for their website. COMMON VINTAGE features a pretty cool concept of presenting your own outfits on their site and subsequently swap your own clothing for other member’s items just like on the […]

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Hidden treasure

During my stay in Hannover, my sister did a pretty photoshoot with me in a very bloody freezing attic and me only modelling lingerie. I’d have preferred fake fur coats ;D Anyway, I can’t wait to show you the results, it turned out so amazing The stuff I’m wearing is a leather harness by Mint […]

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Merry Christmas everybody

Noel Gallagher – Merry Christmas EverybodyLast tuesday I met up with Christian of [The Styleograph] to play human puppet for his night shot experiments on Christmas markets. Thanks to that, I now have a couple of pictures to accompany my holiday greetings to you all!Unfortunately the cold and wind totally destroyed my eye make-up at […]

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