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"Dare to Tan" / Lancaster

Dear readers, hey, it’s summer! Well, depending on your current whereabouts, it might be a rainy English summer or a blazing hot Mediterranean one. But no matter where you are, Lancaster finally gives us all the chance to dare stepping out into the sun without having to be afraid of all the dangers, anymore. Of […]

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Instagram Update

Well, yeah, and a happy birthday to me (and it’s gone for 3 minutes now, damn!) Another year older, not wiser obviously, as I managed to twist my ankle last friday while staying with my family. So now I can’t walk anymore and can’t go back to Berlin for work tomorrow – bummer. Well, looking […]

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Instagram April/May

Hey guys, because I really love the Instagram collections on some of my favourite blogs, I decided to give you a little overview of what’s been happening on my instagram in the last 4 or so weeks, too and then repeat this every new week :) Especially for those of you who don’t use the […]

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