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Instagram Best Of October

The beginning of October I spent at my family’s place where I had the first pumpkin soup of the year and the last plums while taking long walks on the hill… Yves Saint Laurent send me some wonderful cosmetics and perfume and I tried out new make-up styles and dyed my hair again (I love […]

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Love your Michael Kors watch? Show us how you wear it! Share your photo on Instagram with the tag #MKTimeless for a chance to win our Paris Limited Edition Runway watch. … My dear readers, we are among the lucky ones again! If you have been a reader of my blog for some time, you’ll […]

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Instagram Best Of September

1 + 2: The good old coffee addiction, 3 + 4: Berlin Kreuzberg, 5 + 6: Underground station pictures, 7: Me and the boyfriend, 8: Burgundy outfit, 9 + 10: flowers, 11: outfit coming soon, 12: colourful eye make-up, 13 – 16: sunrises from my window are the best!, 17 – 20: Pretty things I’ve […]

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Instagram Best of August

Oh dear, is it September already? Time seems to be flying again! Well, in August, I’ve witnessed some breathtaking sunrises. They never cease to amaze me! I’ve also been really creative last month. I’ve been DIYing, drawing and sticking paper together, both at home and at work. Flowers and pretty nails were my constant companion […]

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Instagram Best of July

In July, we went to London. Rain or shine, we had a great time (and that was a rhyme, oh God, sorry!) We stayed in a beautiful street near Baker Street and I even found some J.R.R. Tolkien reference on the tube! I found this amazing military style jacket but it was not for sale! […]

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Instagram Best of June

On a shortish outfit-post hiatus due to several sicknesses I’m trying to get rid of right now. Bear with me, you’ll hopefully see new outfit pictures on here in another two weeks or so again! Until then, see what I’ve been up to and if you like, follow me @rickylilly on Instagram. Have a great […]

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