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Stradivarius Mag

You might remember my last trip to Barcelona which by now has been almost a year ago! Time flies, I can’t even begin to keep up! Well, when the wonderful people of the Stradivarius brand had us over, I had the chance to not only get to know the city a bit but also the […]

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My shooting with Brigitte

A while back I was invited by the Brigitte-team to Hamburg to shoot a bridal hair-special. I had so much fun that day, met great people and was even allowed (!) to keep my hair like this when I left, so that my boyfriend and I could later on walk around downtown and Reeperbahn with […]

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Presents from Brazil

Today the postman brought me a surprising present sent all the way from Brazil to rainy Germany. It contained the latest issue of Catarina magazine – first issue that was being distributed internationally – in which I was featured next to a handful of other awesome fashionistas we all know from LOOKBOOK.nuThank you so much […]

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